Protecting Marine Investments with 100% recyclable Shrink Wrap

In 2004, it became mandatory to install a containment solution for all debris and paint overspray coming from work carried out in boat yards nationwide. 

A1 Wrap import renowned US-made ‘Dr Shrink’ shrink wrap which is widely claimed as the world’s best 100% recyclable marine shrink wrap, as well as other applications. The shrink wrap is attached at the top and bottom of the scaffolding, (depending on your needs) and therefore adheres to itself for a fitted but most importantly, very firm encapsulation regardless of the shape.

If you are having work done on your boat, A1 Wrap can install a zip hatch to allow access as well as fully venting your boat. A1 Wrap will ensure that your pride and joy is wrapped in our unique shrink wrap to make it weather tight and perfectly safe. 
Marine boat wrapping services

We can wrap direct to your asset

Our primary goal is to provide the highest-quality marine shrink wrap whilst maintaining the outer aesthetic and security of your boat as it is being worked on.

We have wrapped yachts, sports fishers, launches and other types of boats. If you are relocating or not using your boat for the winter, our marine shrink wrap system provides protection against damage from transport or long-term storage. 

A1 Wrap are specialized installers. We will ensure a weather tight encapsulation with optional ventilation or zip-out doors and windows to allow for access while your boat is being worked on. 

If you want your boat covered while it’s in storage to avoid contamination from other works in the area, then we will wrap direct to your boat with no risk of damage to the boat itself. A1 Wrap have also wrapped many large and strange shaped machinery items that have been transported by sea. 

This creates protection from salt spray and corrosion, wind and sun. For an idea on pricing and to discuss your needs, contact Charles on 021 222 8054 or email
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