• Compare savings with Wrap and Tarpaulins.

    Tarpaulins are a great short term covering for weather protection. If you have a project that will be up for longer than a week or two – then you cannot beat the versatility and weather tightness of Shrink Wrap.

View our comparable charts of Shrink wrap vs Tarpaulins

Shrink wrap vs Tarpaulins

See our cost comparison chart here:

Block of 8 Apartments

Across an apartment block

250m2 House

Across a 250m2 House

400m2 House

Across a 450m2 House

Shrink Wrap for all conditions and Projects.

We will work with your scaffold team (or ours) and design a structure that will work for the particular environment of your project.

Be it to eliminate or reduce contamination of dust or asbestos removal, A1 Wrap has the qualifications and ideas necessary to ensure shrink wrap will contribute to a premium finish.

Maintenance Plans

Tailored to your specific design and to allow consistent and planned maintenance to achieve optimum performance of the wrap. These are particularly handy if your project is long term.

It allows us to repair any piercings or penetrations before they compromise the entire job.

We offer more than standard wrap.


Move up to 150m3 of air through the encapsulation. This prevents condensation and pressure build up.

It creates longevity for the project, in particular long term usage.


This allows access and airflow. It can allow a cool breeze through summer and contributes to a light working environment.

Gutter systems

For controlled water flows to neighbouring or surrounding properties during heavy rainfall seasons.

Shrink Wrap for All Conditions and Needs

Not simply limited to building and construction sites, A1 Wrap can provide a number of services that suit all your needs from domestic to commercial. We can have your boat or car covered to keep it pristine while you’re not using it, or provide you with an amazing marquee for family events. Get in touch with the Mount Maunganui experts in shrink wrapping technology on 07 574 7775.
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