Protect Your Assets and Investments with Building Shrink Wraps

Shrink wrap is becoming an industry standard amongst construction companies. The benefits of shrink wraps are numerous: protection from UV rays, weather proofing, waste containment and privacy, to name a few.

With the appropriate cover, you can eliminate the burden and disadvantages of tarpaulins and safely contain any debris and dust generated within the building, whilst saving time and other resources.

At A1 Wrap, we offer shrink wrapping for buildings of any shape and size. 

Our Tauranga building wrap installations have made us one of the leading providers of shrink wrap in the construction sector throughout the Bay of Plenty, Hamilton and Tauranga. 

We work consistently with a team of scaffolders to design the scaffold for each site. This collaborative, customised approach enables our building wrap installations to seamlessly fit the unique shape of each site that requires weather proofing. 

Customised Construction Wraps Solutions

Building sites or renovations can cause unnecessary damage to other parts of the building or be affected adversely by foul weather. With A1 Wrap in the Bay of Plenty region, we can offer the following services for your building and construction sites to make sure they run at peak efficiency and safety for all involved. 

To discuss your shrink wrapping needs, or how A1 Wrap can help you stay on track, contact us today through phone 021 222 8054

Partial Shrink Wrap

For large-scale renovation where roofs or decks are transformed, A1 Wrap provides a protected work environment while also ensuring the underneath indoor space is consistently weather tight. Our shrink wrap also Repels UV rays and filters an optimum amount of natural light. A partial wrap is also ideal for concealment of dust or asbestos removal. 

Large-Scale Full Encapsulation Shrink Wrap

A1 Wrap services can be employed almost any scale imaginable, with creative and customisable solutions to suit almost every need. Where there is a new roof and new clad needed, a full encapsulation is necessary. 

A prime example is Tauranga Boys College which was wrapped for a large-scale re-roof and reclad. A1 Wrap’s experienced team shrunk over 2400m2 of our product for the client in one of the region’s largest commercial applications ever.
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